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1. What is a Process? Why have a Process Management Solution?
1. What is a Process? Why have a Process Management Solution?

Start by learning the definition of a process.

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What is a Process?

Why Bother with a Process Management Solution?

What is a process?

A process is a series of repeatable tasks that must be performed in a certain order, in a certain period of time, and in a certain way, to achieve a desired end. (Bet you knew that already).

Well, in property management, there is a whole series of processes that make up your day to day work. These processes can be split into two cycles: the Onboarding Cycle and the Property Turn Cycle.

Take a look at this diagram to see how these two cycles flow into each other:

Now, you may not be involved with all of these processes, however, it is important that you be aware of how your processes and tasks fit into the bigger picture. Consider which process(es) trigger the processes your are responsible for. What comes after your processes?

Why Bother with a Process Management Solution?

Let's consider what can happen if you don't have a process management solution:

  • The company's processes are all in someone's head and/or aren't documented in a clean, easy to understand, and easy to follow way (makes training new team members and handing off work extremely difficult!)

  • You constantly have to check with the rest of your team to make sure work was done

  • Communication isn't consolidated into one place, making context sharing difficult

  • Bottlenecks around communication and uncompleted work make it challenging to provide good service

  • You find yourself writing the same emails over and over

  • You may always have a nagging feeling that you are forgetting some important task

So, does that describe your every day at work? Well, as you incorporate LeadSimple into your day, you can say goodbye to all those things! πŸ‘πŸ‘

So let's get to it!

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