13: Starting Processes

Learn how to start processes singly and in bulk.

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This lesson covers how to start a process and also how to have processes trigger the next process.

There are four ways to trigger a process:

1: Create Process task

Add a "create process" task to your workflows to generate a task to create the next process that needs to happen. This can be at the end of the sales process (start "Owner Onboarding" process for example), or in a process workflow.

When you add a "Create Process" task to a workflow, you can choose which process this task will create.

To complete the task, click the icon on the right of the task.

This will pull up the "Create Process" window, allowing you to set the user roles and due date for the process.

2. Automatically Starting Processes

You can now create auto-starting rules to have your processes start automatically.

3. Initiating a Process Manually

1. To initiate a process manually from the process type page, navigate to the process type you need to trigger. Click the "Start Process" icon on the top right of the page.

2. In the window that appears, you will see all your contact roles, user assignee roles, and all the custom fields for this process type, as well as the due date, assignee, stage, and other details.

3. Start by adding a property to the process. If you mapped your contact roles correctly in the last step, the system will then automatically pull in the tenant and owner for this property.

4. Then, assign other users to the correct user assignee roles (such as leasing agent or maintenance coordinator), set the due date, fill out any custom fields that you can, and hit save to save the process!

4. Initiating Processes in Bulk

You can also initiate processes in bulk from a pipeline (such as lease renewals or delinquencies).

1. Start by pulling a filter for leases ending during a certain time period or all tenants with delinquent rent (see video above).

2. Then select all the tenants.

3. (If you are starting over 100 processes: click the checkbox at the top of the list to select the first 100 tenants, then click "Update leads" to add a tag to those 100 records. After adding the tag, create the processes for those 100 tenants. Then, filter your list to exclude the tagged tenants (tagged with none), so you can select the next 100 records.)

4. Click the Create Process button that appears in the top right.

5. The system will then prompt you to choose a process type.

6. Then you will be able to set the due date for the process and choose the assignee(s) before saving the process.

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