9: Reporting on Conversations

Learn how to find and use the Inbox reports to pull important metrics about your customer service.

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Congratulations! You've completed the Getting Started with Inbox video course! From here you can learn more about the advanced inbox features or learn more about the LeadSimple CRM or Processes with one of our other courses:

Have any questions? Be sure to reach out via the chatbox in the corner or email us at support@leadsimple.com!

Points to Remember:

  • As your company grows and scales and as you improve your customer experience, it becomes crucially important to have insight into your conversation volume, first response time, time to resolve, and how many replies on average it takes to resolve a conversation.

  • Use the Inbox reports to gauge your customer service quality and inform strategies to improve it.

Action Items:

  • Go check out the Inbox reports!

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