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Activating the AppFolio/LeadSimple integration in AppFolio Stack™ and how to set it up
Activating the AppFolio/LeadSimple integration in AppFolio Stack™ and how to set it up

Learn how to 1) turn on AppFolio Stack™ and 2) turn on the LeadSimple integration

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PSA: This article references the direct integration LeadSimple has with AppFolio. If you aren't familiar with that integration, learn more here!


So you're looking to integrate AppFolio with LeadSimple to sync your owner, tenant, applicant, vendor and property/unit data to LeadSimple automatically. Great!

READ THIS: The direct AppFolio integration is only available on the current retail Operations plan as updated October 1 2022; it is not available on legacy Operations plans. If you signed up for LeadSimple before October 1 2022, you are most likely on a legacy pricing plan. As an admin, check your billing settings to see what plan you're on before proceeding with the steps below. If you are not on the latest pricing plan and want to get the AppFolio integration, contact us: and we'll get you upgraded!

#1 Upgrade to AppFolio Stack™

If you already have AppFolio Stack™ you can skip to step #2 👇

If you don't have AppFolio Stack™, you'll have to upgrade to get it. Here's how to do that.

  1. Log into your AppFolio account

  2. Click Add Functionality in the top right-hand corner

  3. Select Integrations

  4. Click Get AppFolio Stack™ Premium

  5. Enter your name as an Authorized Signer

  6. Click Activate AppFolio Stack™ Premium

This will enable AppFolio Stack™ for your AppFolio account. From here, you're ready to activate the LeadSimple Integration!

#2 Activate the LeadSimple integration

Next, you need to activate the LeadSimple integration in your AppFolio account.

  1. In AppFolio, click your name in the top right-hand corner

  2. Then, select General Settings from the dropdown menu

  3. From General Settings click Manage AppFolio Stack™ Integrations

  4. Scroll down to LeadSimple, click the drop-down arrow, and select Manage Connection

  5. Click Setup Connection in the Connection Settings block

    1. Select whether to enroll all properties or specific Property Groups to Lead Simple

    2. Then click Save

  6. Tick the boxes indicating that an agreement exists with the partner and the terms of agreement have been reviewed and approved for this connection

  7. Click Enable Connection

At this point, you're almost done setting up the integration

#3 Wait for LeadSimple to turn on the integration in your account

Once you've enabled the connection to LeadSimple in your AppFolio account, a LeadSimple team member will be notified and will shortly turn on the integration for you. Keep in mind this may take a few hours to occur (unfortunately, AppFolio requires us to turn on the integration for you at this time; hopefully that will change in the future so you can do it yourself 🙂). Rest assured we'll get it turned on for you as fast as we can!

You'll get an email and in-app notification as soon as the integration is syncing your AppFolio data to your LeadSimple account!

#4 Customize the configuration of your AppFolio integration

The integration will be automatically set up for you, but you can go back and customize some of the settings if you want to, including:

  • The pipelines owners, tenants, vendors and applicants sync to in LeadSimple

  • The stages owners, tenants, and vendors sync to

  • The GLAccounts from AppFolio that LeadSimple should use to calculate delinquent rent vs. other fees a given tenant may be delinquent on

  • Whether or not you want to sync tenant applicants from AppFolio

Navigate to Settings > Integrations > AppFolio

(You need to be an admin to see this page)

Click on your AppFolio integration in the list.

Customize GLAccounts to sync Delinquent Rent

To properly sync delinquent rent to LeadSimple so you can run your delinquency/collections process, you should customize the GLAccounts you want LeadSimple to look at to calculate delinquent rent vs. amount receivable. You can find your GLAccounts in AppFolio under "Accounting > GLAccounts".

Customize the pipelines and stages owners, tenants, and vendors will sync to

Not only can you choose which pipelines to sync owners, tenants, and vendors to. You can also choose which stages you want current, past, and future clients to sync to.

LeadSimple keeps the stage up to date with the status of the owner/tenant/vendor in AppFolio. For example, if you stop managing properties for an owner, and AppFolio moves that owner to the "past" status, LeadSimple will update the stage of that owner in LeadSimple to the stage you select for "Past Stage" in these integration settings.

Turn on Rental Applicant Sync

Lastly, you can choose to sync tenant applicants to LeadSimple to run your application process (learn more about why you should do this here!).

If you do turn it on LeadSimple will automatically create a pipeline customized to sync your rental applicants from AppFolio. It will contain prebuilt stages, auto-responder email templates, a customized dashboard showing you applicants in each status, and more.

This makes is SUPER easy to start processing new applications in LeadSimple.

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