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Why Integrate your Processes Directly with AppFolio?
Why Integrate your Processes Directly with AppFolio?

Learn more about how the direct data integration with AppFolio will save you time and manage more with less.

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Direct Data Integration with AppFolio

Looking to learn more about the new direct data integration with AppFolio and how it will help you save time, manage more with less, and focus on what matters most?

You've come to the right place!

But first, why use LeadSimple Operations to document, streamline, and automate your processes?

⚡️Automate manual work

Property managers have hundreds of tasks to keep track of at any given time. Many of those are mundane or time intensive, like data entry and regular communications with owners and tenants.

Other tasks are a drain on brain power and add stress, like remembering what's next, keeping track of where everything is at, and logging in and out of different systems to stay on top of things. Internal communication becomes a challenge as the team grows and the number of properties being managed increases.

Automating as many of the mundane and time-intensive tasks as possible frees up time for you and your team to focus on higher value tasks.

  • Data entry - stop manually entering data to start your processes; instead, sync data directly. Owner, tenant, property, unit, vendor, and applicant data all syncs into LeadSimple automatically. No more days of data entry to run your lease renewal processes!

  • Communication - build automated and templated communication into your processes at just the right times. Send out lease renewal notices, move-in instructions, late rent notices, and much more in all your processes, automatically. Include customized data automatically in your emails and texts.

  • Consolidate systems - consolidate your CRM and process management systems into one, and pull all the data you need from AppFolio to run your processes.

  • Conditional logic - build scenarios and branches into your processes to document the most common variants so you don't have to remember them.

  • Keep track of what's next - with fully documented systems, the next task will appear right when you need it to so you can get rid of that nagging feeling that you are forgetting something. Quickly see which processes are off-track and what is upcoming.

  • Full documentation of what's been done - all completed tasks are automatically tracked on each process so you have a full record of what's been done.

💯 Document & streamline your processes

Make sure that your processes are serving you well by reviewing and streamlining them:

  • Look for ways to save time and stop forgetting important tasks

  • Use instructions on your tasks to save time on training new employees

  • Build templates into your process so you know that the right communication is going out at the right time

🎉 Reduce churn with consistent processes

Strong processes provide your clients with a consistent experience, which can help reduce churn. When your clients know they can trust you to communicate with them well, proactively provide information, and never forget important tasks, they will become your raving fans.

Save time for higher value tasks

When you aren't spending your time on data entry, sending basic communications, or trying to keep track of what's next, you have the time to focus on the human touch, building relationships, improving your customer experience, and working on your business and not just in it. That will allow you to focus on growth and manage more with less.

Level up your processes even further with a direct data sync with AppFolio

If you are already using LeadSimple Operations, here's how the new direct data integration will improve your processes.

(Note that the integration is currently a one-way sync of data from AppFolio into LeadSimple so you can use it to run your processes in LeadSimple.)

Data Syncs More Often

Rather than syncing data only once daily, the direct integration syncs your data every hour, with applicants and delinquent rent data syncing every five minutes. This allows you to:

  • Have your late rent/delinquency process update in real time when a tenant pays

  • Start your owner and property onboarding processes with data synced directly from AppFolio rather than using the lead data

  • Not have to wait a day for updated data to sync back into LeadSimple

🎉 Import Applicants!

Applicants now sync directly into LeadSimple in real time (see all the fields that sync here)! Build your applicant process in LeadSimple to streamline your screening process and cut down on ghost calls by providing a fast response time.

  • Have your applicants import directly into a pipeline

  • Add an automated first response email to go out to them letting them know you received their application

  • Build the rest of your screening process into LeadSimple so you can screen applicants quickly and efficiently (utilize conditional logic!)

🚀 Links Directly to AppFolio

Every contact, property, and unit in LeadSimple will include a quick link back to AppFolio so you can easily jump back into AppFolio to see the records and make updates.

Simple Setup

No more setting up detailed scheduled reports! Simply send us a connection request through AppFolio Stack and we'll get you set up so you'll be good to go!

And there you have it! You can learn more details about the integration in the help articles below:

Other Help Articles About The AppFolio Integration

Note: You may need to upgrade your plan to access the direct sync with AppFolio. If you do not see the AppFolio Integration on your Integrations page in LeadSimple or are redirected to the Billing page, reach out to and we'll help you out.

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