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Migrating to the new LeadSimple/AppFolio Stack™ integration from the old AppFolio PMSync integration
Migrating to the new LeadSimple/AppFolio Stack™ integration from the old AppFolio PMSync integration

Learn how to migrate your AppFolio data to the new LeadSimple/AppFolio integration

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Hey there! This article is relevant to you if you originally integrated your LeadSimple account with AppFolio using PMSync, but recently re-integrated with AppFolio using our direct integration with their API.

If you are a new account and just looking to get started with the direct API integration, go here!

Why is this important?

So you want to use the latest integration LeadSimple has with AppFolio Stack™; great!

If you were previously using our old integration with AppFolio's scheduled reports, there are some steps you will need to do first before you can fully utilize the new integration.

In summary, these steps will allow us to merge the AppFolio data that sync to LeadSimple from your scheduled reports with the AppFolio data syncing via AppFolio Stack™ so you don't have duplicate owners/tenants/vendors/properties in your LeadSimple account.

What happens if you don't follow these steps?

You will have duplicates of all your owners, tenants, vendors, and properties in LeadSimple that are syncing from AppFolio, which will be confusing you and your team when you are running your processes.

Migration Steps

Update Your PMSync scheduled reports in AppFolio

Log into AppFolio.

Click on Reporting > Reports.

Search for the reports that have "PMSync" or "LeadSimple" in the title. You're specifically looking for "PMSync" reports for:

  • PMSync - Property Directory

  • PMSync - Unit Directory

  • PMSync - Owner Directory

  • PMSync - Tenant Directory

  • PMSync - Vendor Directory (if you are not syncing vendors to your LeadSimple account, you might not have this report in AppFolio, which is okay; just skip the step for this report in that case)

Next, you'll need to customize each of the following reports to include the "Integration ID" column (see the steps below).

  • PMSync - Property Directory report

  • PMSync - Unit Directory report

  • PMSync - Tenant Directory report

  • PMSync - Owner Directory report

  • PMSync - Vendor Directory report

You do not need to update the "Delinquency" report! Yes, it's okay to celebrate a little that you don't have to do this again 😉🎉

Here are the instructions to update these reports:

1: Click the report on the Reports page

2: Click the "Customize" button in the upper-right corner

3: In the window that appears, edit the Filters to "show all owners" and "show all vendors" respectively for the Owner Directory, and Vendor Directory

3.1: Also, for the Tenant Directory report, make sure all the Tenant Status options are selected (including "Past" and "Evict")

4: Next, click "Columns"

5: Scroll down to the bottom until you see the "Integration ID" column - the column name will be different depending on the report you are editing.

  • For Property Directory, look for the "Property Integration ID" column

  • For the Unit Directory, look for:

    • The "Unit Integration ID" column

    • Be sure the "Sqft" column is also selected (very important to ensure that you won't have any issues with the data merge!)

  • For the Owner Directory, look for the "Owner Integration ID" column

  • For Tenant Directory, look for the "Tenant Integration ID" column

  • For Vendor Directory, look for the "Vendor Integration ID" column

6: Click "Update"

7: Now, click the "Actions" button in the top right, and click "Save Layout"

8: Then click "Update this report template" and click "Save"


IMPORTANT -- It's really important that you select "Update this report template" when you save each report (see screenshot above). This way, LeadSimple will receive the integration ID column the next time these reports are synced, which enables us to perform the migration.


After you've changed these reports you can either wait up to 1 day for AppFolio to resend us the reports, or you can resend us the reports yourself by manually emailing them from AppFolio to the email you can find on your "Integrations > PMSync" page.

Once LeadSimple receives the new "integration ID" columns the next time your AppFolio reports sync, you'll be able to proceed with merging your AppFolio data in LeadSimple and completing the migration! Yahoo! Instructions in this article.

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