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What data syncs into LeadSimple from AppFolio for Rental Applicants?
What data syncs into LeadSimple from AppFolio for Rental Applicants?

Learn what data does and does not sync from AppFolio into LeadSimple for rental applicants.

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When managing rental applications, you may want to know what data syncs from AppFolio into LeadSimple and what does not.

LeadSimple syncs applicants, not applications, from AppFolio. This means that we sync the contact info, property info, and some data about the applicant and their application into LeadSimple, but not the application itself or all data from the application.

LeadSimple does not currently sync guest cards (i.e. prospective tenants who have not yet submitted an application) from Appfolio. If you'd like us to sync guest cards, please vote on this feature request and explain your use case in a comment on the request!

Here are the data fields we currently sync for Rental Applicants from AppFolio into LeadSimple (additional data fields may be available in the future):

AppFolio Data Field is synced to >>>

LeadSimple Data Field

first name

Lead Name, Contact First Name

middle name + last name

Appended to Lead Name, Contact Last Name

company name

Appended to Lead Name, Contact Company Name

email address

Contact Email Address

phone number

Contact Phone Number


Lead Stage

applied property

Attached as a Property to the Lead

additional occupants

Lead Custom Field "Additional Occupants"

desired move in

Lead Custom Field "Desired Move In"

has cats

Lead Custom Field "Has Cats"

has dogs

Lead Custom Field "Has Dogs"

has other pet

Lead Custom Field "Has Other Pet"

monthly income

Lead Custom Field "Monthly Income"

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