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What should you do when a call says "lead already claimed or taken"?
What should you do when a call says "lead already claimed or taken"?

Here's what you should do if you answer a new lead notification call and hear the lead is already claimed, assigned, or taken.

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If you're a BDM or sales person, you're likely eager to connect with new owner leads and close them as clients. If your team uses instant call notifications for new leads, you and your coworkers likely face a competitive few seconds to see who will claim the lead first.

However, what should you do if you answer the call and hear a message that the lead has already been claimed?

This message means that another BDM from your company has already connected with the lead and that lead is assigned to them. To prevent confusion, you should not try to contact the lead and simply wait for the next new lead call notification.

This video shows different methods of notifications. If you and your team would like to set up an equal opportunity to claim leads, the round robin notification method is best. You can learn more about various lead distribution methods by watching the video above or reviewing this collection of help articles.

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