Step 1: What are Property Groups?

Learn how to use property groups in LeadSimple!

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What are Property Groups?

LeadSimple's property groups feature allows you to split your properties into groups or portfolios so you can set up automatic role assignment in your processes.

This means you can set a certain team member as the property manager for a group of properties, and that team member will always be assigned the property manager tasks for that property in any process (once it's all set up).

How to Set Up Property Groups

Follow the help article that applies best to you!

After you set up the property groups, the articles above will prompt you to move on to set up your user auto-assignment based on property group.

Common Property Group Configurations

Here are a couple common ways to configure property groups. Note that you will need to select one configuration as a property can only be in one property group.

  • By Location - if you have properties in separate locations with different team members assigned to each location, create property groups based on location.

  • By Team Structure - if your team is structured in a squad model (a squad being a small team of property manager, assistant, and other roles, which works with a subset of the properties the company manages), set up your property groups based on squad names.

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