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Agent Activity Report

Get a brief overview of the Activity report.

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The activity stream is a real time feed of all sales activities within the company, including: Calls, Emails, and Text Messages.

You can find this report by clicking Agent Performance > Activity. Choose a lead type in the top left corner, or select All Lead Types to see the report for all your lead types. 

You can hover over each agent to see how many calls, emails and texts they've sent in your selected time range. Choose your time range in the top right.

Scroll down to see a real time feed of all of the activities, including the agent, type of activity, lead's name, and date and time.

The Sales Cycle tab will tell you "how many days passed until leads were marked as won." Additionally, if you want to find average time to close, you can add that as a saved view on your reports (see this help article for more information on how to set that up).

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