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How to set up your Rent Manager / LeadSimple Integration
How to set up your Rent Manager / LeadSimple Integration

Learn how to set up the direct integration between Rent Manager and LeadSimple.

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1. Activate the Integration

Log into Rent Manager RDP and click on "Available Integrations."

On the next screen, search for LeadSimple in the list of available integrations. Then click "Request Activation."

Why isn't LeadSimple showing up?

If LeadSimple doesn't appear in the list, it's possible that we haven't made the integration visible to your company yet. Only selected companies could see the integration while we were in beta.

To resolve this, please contact us and let us know what your company code is for Rent Manager. It's displayed in the top right of your Rent Manager RDP window:

In this screenshot, the company code is leadsimple. Yours will be different.

We'll then make the integration visible to you.

After you click "Request Activation," you will see a dialog pop up like this, asking for additional information.

You will need to:

  1. Fill out your contact information

  2. Click "Request Activation" on the bottom right of the dialog

2. Wait for LeadSimple to approve the request

After you request activation, we will enable the integration in our Rent Manager partner portal and notify you when it's time to take the next step. This should happen within one business day.

3. Set up the integration in LeadSimple

Log into your LeadSimple account and navigate to the integrations page in the sidebar. You will see a "Rent Manager" card on this page.

Click on the "Rent Manager" integration. You'll then see a page like this:

Click "Add New Rent Manager Integration." You'll then see a dialog like this:

Give your Rent Manager integration a name, and enter your company code, then click "Save Integration."

What is my company code?

You can find your company code in the top right of your Rent Manager window:

In this screenshot, the company code is leadsimple. Yours will be different.

LeadSimple will then start syncing your data! πŸŽ‰

4. Customize your integration

If you click on the integration in the list above, you will see a dialog like this which allows you to customize the integration:

By default, the integration will create three new pipelines in your LeadSimple account:

  1. Rent Manager Tenants: Contains your lease contracts. Each lead in this pipeline will consist of a property, its tenant contact(s) and the lease start date and end date, as well as other information.

  2. Rent Manager Owner Contracts: Contains your management contracts with owners and investors. Each lead in this pipeline will contain a property, the owner contact(s) and the management start and end dates.

  3. Rent Manager Vendors: Contains your vendors. Each lead will contain a vendor contact.

For each pipeline, you can customize which LeadSimple stage you want the different leads to be in depending on their status. We've chosen smart defaults, so you don't have to change anything here.

There are three additional things that you may want to customize, however. These are Prospect Syncing, Property Groups and Communication Consent Tracking.

Prospect Syncing

You can choose to sync rental prospects to LeadSimple. This will allow you to automate communications in your rental application process. This is turned off by default.

If you turn it on, LeadSimple will create a Rent Manager Prospects pipeline in your LeadSimple account which will contain all your Rent Manager prospects.

From there, you can customize the pipeline's stages and steps to add automations depending on the stage of the prospect.

Property Groups

If you want to take advantage of our Autopilot Features, you will want to choose property groups that you want to sync to LeadSimple.

These groups can then be used in LeadSimple to power automation rules based on the group that the property belongs to. This enables powerful workflows like automatically starting lease renewals for certain properties at a certain time, for example.

Communication Consent Tracking

If you intend to send text messages to contacts imported from Rent Manager, you will need to collect consent from these contacts to text them. If you are collecting this consent, you can indicate that here.

If you do not collect this consent, LeadSimple will not send text messages to contacts from this integration and will instead send any text messages via email.

5. You're done!

Your integration should now be fully set up! πŸŽ‰


What is the syncing frequency?

LeadSimple will sync data for the main pipelines every hour. If you choose to enable prospect syncing, we will sync that data every 5 minutes.

Is there two-way sync?

No. The sync is currently in one direction: changes in Rent Manager will be reflected in LeadSimple, but changes in LeadSimple will not be reflected in Rent Manager.

If you have a good use case for two-way sync, we'd love to hear about it! Let us know!

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