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Setting up the PMW Integration
Setting up the PMW Integration

Learn how to get started with the direct integration with Property Manager Websites (PMW)!

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LeadSimple and Property Manager Websites (PMW) have built a direct integration so your leads can import directly from your website forms into LeadSimple!

πŸŽ‰ What does the integration do?

The direct integration pulls over your leads instantly and automatically from your forms on your PMW website and adds them to your pipelines in LeadSimple.

You'll then be notified immediately about the leads so you can contact them right away (proven to increase your lead closing rate!)

πŸŽ‰ What's different about the direct integration compared to LeadSimple's native lead sources?

  • Get granular lead sources - don't just track your PMW leads as coming from the source "PMW Website". Get more detail in LeadSimple as to how exactly the lead landed on your website (e.g

  • Pull all your form fields into LeadSimple - any and all fields from your forms will be pulled into the comments field on the lead in LeadSimple (such as "Monthly Rent", "Mortgage Term", "Original Mortgage", etc)

  • No delays - the lead imports in real time with no risk of waiting for the new lead email to be sent to LeadSimple's source and be imported into LeadSimple, so you can contact the lead right away and increase your likelihood of closing them.

Here's how the data from PMW maps to LeadSimple:

PMW Form Field

LeadSimple Field


Lead Name and Contact Name

Email Address

Contact Email Address

Phone Number

Contact Mobile Phone Number

Property Address

Property Address

Property City

Property City

Property State

Property State

Property Zip Code

Property Zip Code


Lead Source

Any other form fields

Lead Comments

πŸŽ‰ How to get started with the integration

To get started with the integration:

1. Contact PMW and let them know that you'd like to set up the integration

If your website is already live with PMW, email

If you are currently building a website with PMW, contact your project manager.

2. Provide PMW with your API Key and Pipeline IDs

In LeadSimple, click Settings, then Integrations, then click PMW.

Or use this link to access the PMW Integration page.

Copy your API key from the bottom of the integration page and add it to your email to PMW.

Then copy/paste the ID for each of your LeadSimple lead pipelines that you would like to have a PMW website form route to. This may just be your Owner Lead pipeline.

Make sure to include the pipeline name or the type of leads that pipeline is used for to ensure that the correct leads are routed to the correct pipelines.

3. Your PMW rep will handle configuring the integration and will let you know when its set up.

And there you have it! That's all it takes to get up and running with the direct integration with PMW!

Let us know if you have any questions at!

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