Importing Leads Automatically

Learn how to automatically import leads from your marketing channels.

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You can import leads into LeadSimple automatically from any lead provider that sends you leads via email--your website, Zillow or All Property Management, for example.

Basically, it works by forwarding new-lead emails from those sources to a unique LeadSimple email address for each source.

1. Creating a Source

The first step is to create a source on the Sources page found under settings. 

Click the settings icon on your lead list.

Then click "Sources" in the sidebar on the left. 

Click "Add Source".

Enter a lead source name such as "Company Website", "Google Adwords", "Referrals", or any other place you get leads from.

You can optionally put in an average cost per lead from that particular source if you have that data. Putting in "$50" in that field would set every lead who imports from that source to have a "Lead Cost" of $50.

2. Configuring Auto-Import

If this source sends you leads by email, make sure the box that says "Automatically import leads via email" is checked (it's checked by default). Click "Next".

This generates the unique email address you'll need to forward leads from your website to LeadSimple.

2a. Click the copy icon, to copy the email address, and send that to your webmaster or lead provider so that they send new leads to this email address and (thus) into LeadSimple. 

2b. If you prefer, you can email instructions directly to the lead provider from this page by entering their email address in the second field and clicking send instructions.

Click "Finish" to save your changes.

Note: Once you've set up your source, it will display with an orange "Pending" label. Once a lead comes in from that source, that will change to a green "Enabled" label. If you are testing and then delete the test leads that came in from that source, the label will return to the orange "Pending" status.

Email Forwarding Rules

Your lead provider may only allow you to send leads to one email address, in which case you should ideally keep your personal email on file with the lead provider and instead set up a forwarding rule to forward leads into LeadSimple. Read this article for more instructions about email forwarding rules.

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