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Can I Sync Specific Property Groups from my Property Management Software?
Can I Sync Specific Property Groups from my Property Management Software?

This article explains which property management softwares allow for syncing of specific property groups.

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As you're getting started on our Operations plan, you may wonder if you can choose to only sync specific property groups from your property management software. Let's dig into it!
At this time, only AppFolio and Rentvine users have the ability to limit which property groups sync over to LeadSimple via an API integration.

If you'd like to limit which property groups sync from your property management software to LeadSimple, please be sure to do the following:

  1. Ensure that the relevant property groups have been added in your PMS and given permission to be shared to the LeadSimple integration.

  2. Go to your Integration settings in LeadSimple by clicking Settings > Integrations > AppFolio. (Or RentVine)

  3. Click on your Integration.

  4. On the dialog that appears, click "Restrict property and unit syncing by property group"

  5. Select which property groups you would like to sync to LeadSimple.


What happens if I exclude a property group?

If you exclude a property group from syncing to LeadSimple, several things will happen:

  • If you add a new unit to that property group in your PMS, it will not sync to LeadSimple

  • Any units in that property group that synced to LeadSimple before you changed your settings will still be in LeadSimple.

  • However, any unit that doesn't match your current property group filters will not be considered billable by LeadSimple, even if it synced over previously.


At this time, Rent Manager, PropertyWare and Buildium DO NOT allow for the syncing of specific property groups and will always sync all active units in your property management software. This is due to limitations in the APIs for these software.
For users of these systems, we've heard your requests and have created a feature request here for you to add your votes and use cases to. Please add your vote so we can prioritize this request accurately. Thank you!

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