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By default, tasks from a process are assigned to the assigned user for that process.

However, oftentimes a process has tasks that need be done by different people at your company. You can assign each step in the workflow settings so it will always be assigned to either to a specific user in LeadSimple (great for smaller teams) or to a team member role (which can be filled by any user on the account, depending on the process; great for larger teams).

Adding Team Member Roles to Processes

To define the team roles for a process type, click into the process list and click the gear icon in the top right to navigate to the settings.

Under the General tab in the lefthand sidebar, scroll down to add your user roles.

Learn more about team member roles here.

Assigning Tasks to Users

To assign tasks in your workflow to a user or role, locate the task in the stage. Then click the icon shown below to select the user or user assignee role that this task should be assigned to.

Now this task will always be assigned to that user or role when the process is run on a property.

Now go through your process and assign the tasks to specific users or user roles!

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