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Can I use LeadSimple for multiple types of leads, such as tenants or buyers?
Can I use LeadSimple for multiple types of leads, such as tenants or buyers?

Yes! Learn how to use pipelines to track multiple types of leads or contacts.

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Yes, absolutely! You can use pipelines to track different types of leads and contacts.

Use pipelines to differentiate your leads by lead type (owners, tenants, referral partners, buyers, sellers, etc), geographical area, or to manage different teams.

Each pipeline can be set up with its own lead sources, notifications, team members, stages and workflows, and email/text templates.

Here are some examples of great ways to use pipelines:

  • Owners (for all owner prospects, cold leads, converted leads)

  • Tenants (to track prospective tenants who inquire and/or apply)

  • Referral Partners (market to potential referral partners and track the leads they refer to you using the referral tracking feature.)

  • Buyers

  • Sellers

  • Leads in different geographical areas (if you have multiple offices with different team members for each)

Here are a couple ways you don't need to use pipelines (as LeadSimple covers these needs with other features).

  • To track individual lead sources or marketing channels. Each pipeline can have unlimited sources import into it. So instead of breaking out your pipelines by lead source, have all your sources point into the correct pipeline for that type of lead. (i.e Owner leads from all your sources (website, lead providers, etc) go into the Owners pipeline, and you can then filter that pipeline by source if you need to see all the leads from a particular source.)

  • To track whether leads are active, cold, converted, or lost. Instead, use stages and workflows to categorize your leads as cold and need to be nurtured, active and need to be followed up with, have converted to paying clients, or are lost for any reason whatever. That way, you can have accurate reporting for each type of lead you have in the system.

Note also that each plan has a certain number of pipelines included (unlimited pipelines on the Operations plan). Extras are $30/month or $300/year on Growth and unlimited on Operations. Learn more about pricing here.

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