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Does LeadSimple integrate with Thumbtack?
Does LeadSimple integrate with Thumbtack?

Get to know the details of connecting your LeadSimple account with Thumbtack.

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LeadSimple is able to connect with Thumbtack but there are certain details to keep in mind when trying to integrate them both.

Thumbtack doesn't send any contact information (phone or email) for the lead in their notification emails. Due to this LeadSimple won't be able to parse out the contact information into the lead it creates in your account, which means you can't follow up with them from LeadSimple until you are able to gather that information.

To make this integration work, what we recommend is the following:

  • Use Thumbtack's communication portal to collect the phone and email addresses from Thumbtack leads at first.

  • In LeadSimple, add a lead source for Thumbtack but don't set it as an auto import source.

  • Once you have collected the contact information, you can add them to LeadSimple manually and select the Thumbtack source to keep track of where it came from.

We understand it's not an ideal connection but this is due to the limitations found directly with Thumbtack at the moment. If they change this in the future, the integration will be more automatic.

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