Points to Remember

  • Leads can be imported into LeadSimple automatically so you don’t have to add them manually. 
  • You can also add sources that do not auto-import so you can track where all your leads are coming from.
  • Don’t use your lead types to differentiate where your leads are coming from! That’s what sources are for. (Lead Types are a broad way to distinguish between leads (Owners vs Tenants, for example), while sources help you track where they come from.)

Action Items

  1. Write out a list of your current lead providers.
  2. Add them to LeadSimple, but don’t turn on auto-import just yet. We’ve still got some stuff to set up before you go live!

Learn More

Links to Further Videos (This section will be updated as videos become available.)

  1. Intro: What is LeadSimple?
  2. Adding a Lead Manually
  3. Sources & Auto-Importing Leads (this video)
  4. Types of Notifications
  5. Notifications for Teams
  6. Making Tracked Calls
  7. Sending Tracked Emails
  8. Notes & Logging Activities Manually
  9. Stages & Workflows: What Are They?
  10. Auto Emails for New Leads
  11. Creating a Basic Workflow
  12. Advanced Workflows - Assigning Tasks & Task Reminders
  13. Texting & Inbound Call Tracking

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