Starting a Single Process

Learn how to attach a property, set a due at date, and assign a process owner.

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This article shows how to start a single process. Want to start your processes in bulk? Go to this help article.

Ready to start a process and want to know exactly how? Let's dive in!

First, navigate to the process type you want to start in (Owner Onboarding is used in this example). Click on START PROCESS.

This box will pop up. Click "+ Add a property to this process" and start typing. If the property is already in LeadSimple, it will come up in the search feature. If it's a new property, create it and click save.

If the property is already in LeadSimple, it will most likely be associated with a lead and when you add the property to the process, any associated contacts will be pulled in as well. If they don't automatically populate, manually add the contact and click save.

Select the Due At date and ensure the name of the process is correct.

Set the assignee (process owner) and stage to start the process in, and click Save.

Note: it isn't possible to set a default process owner. The Assignee has to manually be set by whoever starts the process.

Congratulations; you've created a process! For more on how to get started with processes, watch this video

If you have questions, reach out to us via the chat icon in your account or email We'll be happy to help!

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