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Navigating Inbox: Using Filters
Navigating Inbox: Using Filters

Learn how to find open, closed, snoozed, and unassigned conversations in Inbox

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Let's take a look at how to navigate the Inbox by using the filters!

First, note that there are four categories you can use to categorize and filter conversations.

    1. Unresolved conversations are conversations that are still open and waiting on a response.

    2. Snoozing conversations is a way to hide the conversations that are waiting on a response from the client or otherwise don't need attention right now, while still not being fully resolved.

    3. Resolved conversations are those conversations which have been resolved and don't need any more attention.

    1. Conversations come in as unassigned conversations and can be assigned to a specific team member. If a conversation comes in through your email account or a phone number that only you are connected to, the conversation will be automatically assigned to you.

    1. Your conversations are coming into your inbox from many channels (email addresses and phone numbers). You can select which inboxes you want to see under "Inboxes" in the left-hand sidebar.

  1. Tags

    1. Tags allow you to categorize conversations by team, by topic, by portfolio, and more.

1. Finding all your Unresolved, snoozed, and Resolved conversations

To find unresolved, snoozed, or resolved conversations assigned to you, filter the conversations by:

  • Inbox: Mine

  • Status: Unresolved, Resolved, Snoozed

2. Finding all unassigned open, snoozed, and closed conversations

To find open, snoozed, or closed unassigned conversations, filter by:

  • Inbox: Unassigned

  • Status: Unresolved, Resolved, Snoozed

3. Finding all open, snoozed, and closed conversations assigned to others

To find open, snoozed, or closed conversations assigned to others, filter the conversations by:

  • Inbox: Assigned To Others

  • Status: Unresolved, Resolved, Snoozed

You are also able to filter conversations in any of the statuses by user by clicking on the "All conversations" dropdown.

A window will appear where you can filter by tags or assignees. To learn how to create and use tags, see this article.

4. Filter by email and phone inboxes

Under the "Inboxes" tab, one inbox will appear for each user's email, shared email account, or LeadSimple number that is associated with your account.

You can select which inboxes you want to view (one or multiple), and use the filters mentioned above.

5. See latest/unread messages

The conversations in the list that have bold text contain new messages you have not read yet. (Note: read/unread is calculated per user, so the same message could appear read for one user, and unread for another).

Assigning Conversations

There are a few ways to do this:

  • Click on an open conversation and reply to it; the conversation will be automatically assigned to you after you reply.

  • OR open a message and assign it to yourself using the assignee dropdown in the upper right corner.

  • OR from the conversation list page, check the box on the conversation you want to assign and use the assignee bulk action to assign it to yourself (useful for assigning multiple at once).

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