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3. How to Find Your Processes & Tasks

Learn how to find the processes and tasks you are responsible for

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Finding Processes Assigned to You

Under "Processes" in the lefthand sidebar, you will see all the different process types in LeadSimple. Click on a process type to see all the processes of that type. You can click "All Processes" to see all the processes of any type combined in one dashboard.

Use the tabs at the top of the process dashboards to switch between views and filters. You should see an "Active: Assigned to Me" view that you can use to find all the processes assigned to you.

Finding All Your Tasks

You can of course click into processes to find your tasks:

However, the "Tasks" page is the best place to find all your tasks in one place. You can also complete them from your tasks page, or click into the process to complete the tasks there.

Use the filters to find tasks by process type or task type (to pull up all the tasks related to lease renewals or to pull up all the email tasks for example).

In the next couple lessons we will be learning about the types of tasks and how to complete them (how to send emails & texts, how to start processes, etc).

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