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What is Inbox? Get a quick video overview here to get started.

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LeadSimple Inbox is solving the communication problem for property managers, helping them deliver world class customer service at scale!

Do any of these scenarios ring a bell?

  • Business Owners

    • I don't know if my team is upholding the level of quality we need in their communication with customers

    • I don't know how fast our team is responding to customers, or how long it takes for them to resolve issues

    • Our customers are waiting too long for a response

  • Employees

    • I have to look in lots of different places to find the information I need to respond to questions

    • I can't easily see all communication related to a specific property, owner, or tenant

    • I'm constantly forwarding emails to teammates, or asking questions about what was said to specific owners and tenants - communications are scattered in multiple inboxes, across multiple apps

    • I can't easily delegate conversations to teammates while I'm out of the office

How amazing would it be if these issues went away?

That's where LeadSimple Inbox comes in.

Inbox is the customer support platform for property managers.


  • Integrated with your property and customer data, and your processes - all the context you need is at your fingertips, and processes can be triggered from conversations in just a few clicks

  • Collaborative - use shared inboxes to create visibility and easier collaboration on customer issues, or delegate select conversations from your direct/private inboxes

  • Consolidated - sync emails, calls and text messages into a consolidated Inbox

  • Visible - all customer-related conversations are easily accessible to your whole team on the property, owner, and tenant records

  • Growth Oriented - track metrics like response time, time to resolve, conversation volume and more to ensure you're delivering excellent customer service

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