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Detailed Overview Of Our Direct API Integration With Rentvine
Detailed Overview Of Our Direct API Integration With Rentvine

Get an overview of our direct integration with Rentvine, how to set it up, and how it works!

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Property managers use a TON of separate software tools to run their business, most of which don't communicate with each other. You're constantly switching between browser tabs to find the info you need about an owner, property, or tenant, then going to another software to use that information. You spend too much of your time finding important client/property information you need, and more time manually entering that info into other software, so you can actually deliver value to your clients.

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, it probably does to most property managers.

The good news?

If you use LeadSimple for CRM and process management, and Rentvine as your property management software, this integration will save you that valuable time so you can dedicate it to delighting your customers, not data entry!

Note: You may need to upgrade your plan to access the direct sync with Rentvine. If you do not see the Rentvine Integration on your Integrations page in LeadSimple or are redirected to the Billing page, reach out to and we'll help you out.

What's included in the LeadSimple/Rentvine direct integration?

One-way, automatic sync of Owners, Tenants, Properties, Units, Applicants, and Vendors from Rentvine to LeadSimple, every hour.

  • Easy Setup - No need to create and send complex reports to LeadSimple! Follow these simple instructions to activate the LeadSimple integration in your Rentvine account.

  • A migration tool to the new integration - if you previously used LeadSimple's integration with Rentvine reports and want to switch to the new direct integration, use our migration tool to merge your existing Rentvine data in LeadSimple with the data coming from their API once you turn the integration on.

What is NOT included currently:

  • Two-way sync of data. LeadSimple does not push any data back into Rentvine at this time. We hope to do this in the future though! Stay tuned, and let us know what you'd like us to push back to Rentvine!

How does this automatic data sync help you?

Eliminate hours of manual data entry - Most of the customer and property information you need to run your processes is automatically synced to LeadSimple and kept up to date without manual data entry from you.

Consolidate systems - You don't have to constantly switch between Rentvine and LeadSimple to find information you need for each customer. It's already in LeadSimple, ready to use in all of your operational processes and customer communications.

Link back to Rentvine - When you need to look at an owner, property, tenant, etc... in Rentvine, just click a link on that record in LeadSimple and you'll be instantly redirected to their page in Rentvine. Think about how many clicks that saves you!

Make your processes consistent - You can use the data that syncs from Rentvine to adapt your LeadSimple processes to each individual customer or property. This way, even if a new employee is running the process, the process tells them exactly what they need to do in many different real-life scenarios so they won't make mistakes and your clients get the same great customer experience every time.

Stop getting "ghost" calls from new applicant tenants - "Did you get my application on 123 main street?" You've probably heard that question countless times from tenant applicants. But no more. Syncing new Applicants from Rentvine allows you to send an auto-responder letting clients know you got their application and will follow up shortly. How many hours of time will that feature save you?

What data syncs from Rentvine to LeadSimple?

LeadSimple syncs:

  • Owners

  • Tenants

  • Applicants

  • Vendors

  • Properties

  • Units

How often does LeadSimple sync updates from Rentvine?


Once per hour


Once per hour


Every 20 minutes


Once per hour


Once per hour


Once per hour

Delinquent Rent & Amount Receivable

Every 20 minutes

This allows your delinquency/collections process to automatically thank tenants after they have paid their delinquent rent, or keep reminding them to do so as long as they have an unpaid balance.

Where can I find this information in LeadSimple?

Once your Rentvine account is connected to LeadSimple and data is syncing, you can find it in 4 unique LeadSimple pipelines.

Current owners, current tenants, and applicants are automatically connected to the property or unit they own/are renting.

Links Back to Rentvine

Owners, tenants, vendors, applicants, and properties will all be linked back to their corresponding records in Rentvine so you can find them there when needed, with just one click!

Look for the Rentvine logo on leads, contacts, and properties like so:

What records do these links go to?

They will redirect you to the record in Rentvine that corresponds to the type of record you click on in LeadSimple. For example, if you click on the Deal link on a Tenant record in LeadSimple, it will take you to that lease record in Rentvine.

LeadSimple Record

Where the link goes to in Rentvine

Tenant Contact card link

goes to the specific contact page

Tenant Lead link (the one in the header of the tenant record)

goes to the specific lease page

Owner Contact link

goes to the specific contact page

Vendor Contact link

goes to the specific vendor page

Applicants link

goes to the specific application page

Applicants Contact link

goes to the specific applicant page

Vendor Lead link

goes to the specific vendor page

Property card link

goes to the specific property page

Unit link

goes to the specific unit page

Note: You may need to upgrade your plan to access the direct sync with Rentvine. If you do not see the Rentvine Integration on your Integrations page in LeadSimple or are redirected to the Billing page, reach out to and we'll help you out.

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