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Overview of Texting & Inbound Call Tracking in LeadSimple
Overview of Texting & Inbound Call Tracking in LeadSimple

Learn more about how to track texts and inbound calls in LeadSimple.

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Okay, so you want to learn more about tracking texts and inbound calls automatically? Good choice; texting is rapidly becoming the best way to communicate in our modern digital age, with far higher open and response rates than emails or calls.

This video gives a great overview, or you can read about the features in the article below.

Further articles mentioned in the video to learn more:

First off, this addon allows you to track texts and inbound calls (when a lead calls you back) in LeadSimple. Without the addon, you can only track outbound calls (when a user calls a lead).

Texting with LeadSimple

To use the texting feature in LeadSimple, you will need to provision a LeadSimple phone number for each user. This number will then be their tracked LeadSimple number, allowing them to send texts through LeadSimple. (Learn how to provision an agent number here.)

Then, when the lead texts back to that number, their reply is tracked in the system and the user will get an email about the reply. (The user can then choose to reply by coming into LeadSimple and texting the lead, or by simply replying to the email; the lead will get their message as a text.)

Reply to the lead by clicking on their latest message, then "Reply."

You will also be able to add text steps to workflows, use SMS templates, and set them to go out automatically, just like emails.

Tracking Inbound Calls from Current and Brand New Leads

Any calls made to a user's tracked LeadSimple number (the same one they text with) will route to whatever phone number(s) they have in their profile. The call the user receives will show as coming from their LeadSimple number, so they will know the call is from a lead.

That inbound call will then be tracked in the lead's record (if it is a current lead) or will trigger a new lead record for brand new leads that aren't currently in the system. (This depends on whether the phone number the lead is calling from is in a lead record in the system. If not, it generates a new lead record, which will be automatically assigned to the user the lead called.)

If a lead who is not in LeadSimple texts your provisioned inbound number, a new lead called "Unidentified Texter" will be created in the software.

Note: If a phone number is associated with a LeadSimple user or a lead already in the software, no new lead named Unidentified Caller or Unidentified Texter will be created. Keep this in mind if you're testing your new inbound number.

If the user doesn't pick up the call, the voicemail will be recorded and tracked in the lead record and the user will get an email that they missed a call. 

Note that agents can have different phone numbers for each pipeline if applicable. Or they can just use the same phone number for all your pipelines.

Masking Your Cell Number Behind Your LeadSimple Number

When making outbound calls, the user is able to mask their cell number behind their LeadSimple number. Their LeadSimple number will show as an option for the caller ID when making that tracked outbound call. 

So, for consistency's sake, all a user's communications with leads can show as coming from their tracked LeadSimple number. Then, when the lead calls or texts them back, all their replies will be automatically tracked.

Agent Numbers vs Shared Numbers

Lastly, you can also provision a shared number that routes calls to multiple users on the account, and the new lead will be assigned to whoever picks up the call. 

Shared numbers can be used to make calls and send texts both outbound and inbound. It also allows you to set select the source to create leads in, and from the source you can select which stage the leads are created in. See this article for more on shared numbers.

So there you go! If you want to learn more about the pricing of the addon and how to activate it, click here.

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