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6: Navigating, Filtering & Searching Inbox

Learn how to navigate inbox using filters and search to find conversations

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Inbox can be filtered in many different ways to find the conversations you need to look at.

Navigating Assignment Views

Use the views in the navigation to view conversations by assignment:

  • Assigned to me - all conversations assigned to you

  • Unassigned - conversations that have not yet been assigned

  • All Conversations - conversations that are assigned or unassigned across all channels (emails and phone numbers) you have access to

View specific channels (email address or phone number)

You can view conversations in specific channels--email addresses and phone numbers. This is useful if you only want to look at and manage emails about a specific topic (for example, emails sent to the maintenance email address).

You can filter by all channels (default), one channel, or multiple.

Filtering by Status (unresolved, resolved, snoozed)

You can filter to see conversations that are not yet resolved, are resolved and don't need attention, or snoozed-waiting on the recipient to respond.

By default, your inbox is filtered by "unresolved" so you are always looking at the conversations that need your immediate attention.

Filtering by Tag & User

Filter conversations by tag and user here:

This will filter the list to show conversations with that tag, or assigned to that user.

Searching for Specific Conversations

Use the search bar to find conversations by:

  • keyword

  • contact

  • property

  • subject line

  • date range

  • and more!

Points to Remember:

  • You can filter Inbox using many different qualifiers:

    • Inbox (by email address or phone number)

    • Status (open, snoozed, or closed)

    • Assignee

    • Tag

  • You can filter your conversations by one or more qualifiers at the same time.

  • You can search for conversations by contact or property and pull up all the conversations associated with that contact or property.

Action Items:

  • Try filtering your inbox and searching by a contact or property.

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