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How to Switch Property Accounting Systems Smoothly in LeadSimple
How to Switch Property Accounting Systems Smoothly in LeadSimple

Here's the ins and outs of making a smooth transition from one property accounting software to another to ensure your data stays clean!

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So you've decided to switch to another property management software and need to ensure that the change is smooth in LeadSimple.

This article will guide you through this move and ensure that you know how to make this change as smooth and painless as possible in five steps!

Can I merge the data automatically?

Firstly, note that we do not have an automatic merge tool to merge data from different property management sources. The reason is that the data IDs for each software are different, limiting our ability to create a tool that will merge the data effectively.

Now, let's get to it! Here are the steps that you need to follow to ensure a smooth and successful property accounting software transition:

1. Transfer All of Your Data to Your New Software

Before deleting the old integration, please ensure that all of your data has been transferred to your new system.

Most importantly, try to make the data names as similar as possible to how they are were logged in your old property management software to make merging the data as easy as possible. This is true for owner, tenant, vendor, property and unit records.

For example, if your property is called 123 Property Street in your old property management software, use the same name in the new software, even down to spelling "Street" the same way vs "St".

2. Set up Your New Integration in LeadSimple

Once all of your data has been added to your new property management software, you'll need to activate the integration in your LeadSimple account.

Below are the articles on how to activate the respective integrations. Please note, this process can take up to two business days to complete.

3. Request for the Old Integration's Deletion

Now that you have confirmed that your new property management software is integrated with LeadSimple and that the data has fully synced over, you'll need to request that the old integration be removed by our engineering team via

Our support team will handle this request for you and let you know when it's done. This step should be complete in about one to two business days as well. Once this is done, you'll be ready for the next step!

4. Merge Your Data

Let's begin the merging of your data to ensure clean data and quality process automation! This step is very important and should not be skipped as that would result in duplicated data in your account which will affect your automation and overall workflow and operational health.

Here are the steps that you'll need to take:

Leads: For your leads, go into your new integration's owner pipeline, duplicate the LeadSimple tab, then copy your first owner's name and paste it into the second tab which will bring up the duplicate records. Then click on the checkboxes next to the duplicate records and the merge button that popped up in the top right-hand corner. A merge window will open automatically selecting your new integration's record as the winner, so all you'll need to do is click "merge". Repeat this process for all of your owners, tenants and vendors.

Properties: Go to your "properties" page, then in the top right-hand corner, click the upwards arrow symbol as shown below which will open up our merge tool that will bring up all duplicate properties found in your account.

Click the merge buttons to de-duplicate your properties until the list has been exhausted. LeadSimple will automatically detect and choose your new integration's record as the winner.

Contacts: Go to the contact's page and repeat the same steps that you did for the properties.

5. Delete or Archive the Old Integration's Pipeline

Now that your new integration is set up and your account has been cleaned up, you can choose to delete the old pipelines by following the steps here, or simply add the word "old/archived" to your old integration's pipeline if you'd like to keep the records of past clients.

Now you're done! If you have any questions or need support during this process, please reach out to so that we can support you through this process.

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