Points to Remember

  • You can log activities (calls, emails, texts, & meetings) manually in LeadSimple.
  • Use the note feature to record any comments you or any team members need to know about the lead.
  • Pin activities to the top of the activity feed.

Action Items

  1. Try logging some activities manually on a test lead.
  2. Add a note to a test lead and pin it to the pinned activity section.

Links to Further Videos (This section will be updated as videos become available.)

  1. Intro: What is LeadSimple?
  2. Adding a Lead Manually
  3. Sources & Auto-Importing Leads
  4. Types of Notifications
  5. Notifications for Teams
  6. Making Tracked Calls
  7. Sending Tracked Emails
  8. Notes & Logging Activities Manually (this video)
  9. Stages & Workflows: What Are They?
  10. Auto Emails for New Leads
  11. Creating a Basic Workflow
  12. Advanced Workflows - Assigning Tasks & Task Reminders
  13. Texting & Inbound Call Tracking
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