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Points to Remember

  • Save time by making tracked (and recorded!) calls through LeadSimple so you don’t have to log the call manually.

  • Make sure you’re tracking all calls (you can log calls manually if necessary) to get accurate contact rates, and to help the whole team know that you contacted the lead.

Action Items

  1. Add a test lead in LeadSimple with a number not associated with any users in the account. 

  2. Make a test call!

Links to More Information

Past Videos

  1. Intro: What is LeadSimple?

  2. Adding a Lead Manually

  3. Sources & Auto-Importing Leads

  4. Types of Notifications

  5. Notifications for Teams

  6. Making Tracked Calls (this video)

Future Videos

  1. Sending Tracked Emails

  2. Notes & Logging Activities Manually

  3. Stages & Workflows: What Are They?

  4. Auto Emails for New Leads

  5. Creating a Basic Workflow

  6. Advanced Workflows #1

  7. Advanced Workflows #2

  8. Texting & Inbound Call Tracking

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