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Intro to the LeadSimple CRM: What is LeadSimple?
Intro to the LeadSimple CRM: What is LeadSimple?

Start off with learning what LeadSimple is and what's possible with the software!

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Sales CRM Features

Just getting started with LeadSimple's CRM? Let's kick off our training video series with this video to give you a brief overview of the CRM, and then we'll dive into the how-tos in the rest of the series!

Alright, ready to get started? This training video series is designed to take you through the initial set-up of the software (or understanding how it has already been set up if you are a new user on an existing account) as well as the ways you can use it everyday to organize, track, and communicate with your leads!

Each video also links to articles to learn more, and action items (ie. homework πŸ˜‰) to apply what you learned in the video. You can watch the videos in order or start with the topic you're most interested in.

LeadSimple CRM 101 - The Basics

Operations Management Features

Once you have onboarded on the Sales CRM above, note that you can upgrade to Operations to begin managing all your operational processes in LeadSimple! Learn a bit more about Operations below:

If you already have access to Operations in LeadSimple, you can get started with Operations here!

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