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7: Texting & Inbound Call Tracking

Learn about the texting and inbound call tracking features that can be added to any plan.

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Texting is a powerful form of communication in our modern age, and LeadSimple makes tracking your texts easy by seamlessly including them in your workflows and lead activity. Also, track your inbound calls so you know all communication is being tracked automatically in one place.

(Note that these features are included on the Growth & Operations plans, with an additional cost for phone numbers, call minutes, and text messages. Legacy plans (Get Organized, Compete, Dominate) will need to pay for an add-on. Learn more about pricing below.)

Points to Remember

  • You can track both manual and automatic texts in LeadSimple and include texts in your workflows.

  • You can provision your tracked numbers in your local area code(s) and provision multiple numbers for each user as necessary.

  • Use your tracked LeadSimple number to send and receive tracked texts and also track inbound calls.ย 

  • Use your cell phone for outbound calls but don't give out your personal information, by using your LeadSimple number as your caller ID.

Use Cases

  • Use texts in your Owners sales workflows

  • Use texts to communicate with prospective tenants in a tenant pipeline

  • Use texts in your operations/onboarding processes

  • Use a LeadSimple market number in your marketing efforts to track inbound calls automatically in LeadSimple.

  • And plenty more!

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